Opened by their Royal Highnesses, Prince Edward and Sophie Countess of Wessex in 2009, and named for Dame Sibyl Hathaway, the current Seigneur’s Great Grandmother, the 16th century building that houses this culinary delight has seen many changes and adaptations over the centuries.


La Sablonnerie is a venue of rare quality with an enviable reputation for its superb food and wines, fresh cream, meat, local butter, fruit and vegetables mainly sourced from the hotel’s own farm and gardens. The restaurant’s popular specialities include freshly caught fish and famous Sark lobsters...


A quaint, centrally-located licensed restaurant with an incredibly diverse menu reflecting their culinary expertise in a variety of styles. A scan through Trip Advisor reveals high praise for their lunches, their evening Indian menu offerings, and their seafood...


Stocks enjoys a reputation for elegance and charm and combines the finest traditions of rural island hospitality with contemporary comfort. Recently refurbished, Stocks is open most of the year, serving such delights as home-baked breads, home smoked fish and homemade country wines...


The garden at Fleur du Jardin is a fabulous spot to enjoy an afternoon tea, glass of wine or perhaps the fresh seafood for which the restaurant has become famous. There's also a good selection of lighter meals and snacks, plus a range of vegetarian and gluten free options.